About Us

Mermaid Isla is a professional mermaid performer and children’s entertainer, based in London, UK. Mermaid Isla provides professional mermaid entertainment for children’s swimming parties, dry land parties and special events. To book a mermaid entertainer for your event please fill out our booking enquiry form now, with your preferred dates and we’ll contact you within two working days.

Mermaid-400x400pxAbout Mermaid Isla

Mermaid Isla lives in the Mer City in the Atlantic Ocean. When she’s not busy attending to important duties for the Sea King and Queen, she likes to play with her pet seal and tend to her underwater garden. She has a strong sense of adventure and loves to swim up rivers and streams, come up on land and meet land people, whenever she gets the opportunity.

About Hana Chelache

Hana is Mermaid Isla’s human alter ego. She studied English Literature at university and has a background in marketing and events management. Hana has always loved swimming and has been fascinated by mermaids and ancient world mythology since she was a child. She lives in London with her husband.

Special qualifications

  • St John Ambulance Essential First Aid (all ages)
  • AIDA 2* Open Water certified Free Diver
  • DBS checked
  • Full performer’s liability insurance