Do you want to hire a mermaid performer for a children’s swimming party, dry land party or a special event? If you still have questions about how it works, please read our Frequently Asked Questions before you contact us.


What is mermaid entertainment?

Mermaid entertainment is being entertained by a mermaid performer who is often called a called a professional mermaid in the business. They are an entertainer that wears a mermaid tail, at an event. The mermaid performer can entertain on dryland or perform and entertain in the water. The mermaid tail the performer wears is swimmable and has a monofin inserted, making them able to swim further with a single stroke, using a swimming technique called the dolphin kick. Mermaid swimming is also called mermaiding. Many mermaid performers are also trained freedivers, enabling them to hold their breath and perform under the water for longer, creating the illusion of being able to “live” under the water.

Professional mermaids are mostly children’s entertainers, their main selling point is that children get the magical experience of meeting and swimming with a real life mermaid. As well as entertaining at children’s parties, professional mermaids can also appear at grown up pool parties, hotel openings, festivals and other large events.

How do I book mermaid performer for my event?

To hire a mermaid for your next event please fill out our booking enquiry form. We will respond to you within two working days with a phone call to talk about your needs. We will then send you a booking contract to agree to and sign and charge you a security deposit to secure the booking. After you have confirmed your booking, we may send you a fact sheet to help you understand what to expect from the event.

If you have booked a mermaid swimming party, please be aware that the cost of the pool hire and venue hire is not included in your fee.

Do I need to be present for my child’s party?

Yes for safeguarding purposes parties need to be supervised by responsible adults. Our supervision requirements differ from swimming parties to dry land parties, so please refer to our service pages for more information.

Will my child believe that the mermaid performer is a real mermaid?

Most younger children believe that professional mermaids are real. Our mermaid performer, Mermaid Isla knows how to deal with difficult questions from naturally curious children. However if you’d prefer your children to know she is a performer rather than a real mermaid, she can alter the way she presents herself. Although older children are less likely to believe that Mermaid Isla is real, they can still enjoy the imaginative play aspect of a mermaid party.

Because most younger children believe that professional mermaids are real we ask that adults and older children attending the party don’t say anything or ask any questions that may spoil the experience for them (such as asking Mermaid Isla where her tail comes from). We also ask that adults talk to older children attending a younger child’s party about the importance of using their imagination to bring the experience to life for the younger child’s enjoyment. On the very rare occasions a single child’s behaviour risks spoiling the party for the other children, we may ask you to intervene.

Can I be a mermaid?

Yes anyone can be a mermaid! Mermaiding is the art of swimming under water with a swimmable mermaid tail or performing as a mermaid on land. Many people are professional mermaids who entertain kids and grownups at events, others enjoy mermaiding as a hobby and attending mermaid meetups.

Professional mermaid tails are usually made out of silicone or neoprene and can cost thousands of pounds. If you are just starting out, we would recommend ordering a fabric swimmable mermaid tail. The mermaid tail will have a monofin inside, which will enable you to propel yourself further under the water, doing a stroke called the dolphin kick. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to do the dolphin kick, and how to do other mermaid moves.

You must be a competent swimmer to be able to swim safely with a mermaid tail on. This video from mermaid tail maker FinFun has some excellent advice for making sure that you or your child has the swimming skills needed to try mermaiding.

All swimming carries inherent risks and swimming with a monofin and a mermaid tail increases these risks. If you are an adult, make sure you go mermaiding in a public pool with a lifeguard and have a buddy with you. Children should always be supervised when swimming but even more so when swimming with a monofin and a mermaid tail.

You can find more information about mermaid tail safety here, courtesy of Halifax Mermaids in Canada.

Some more advanced mermaiding requires freediving training, for extended breath holds and advanced depths. Please do not attempt to teach yourself how to do this from videos or web pages. Freediving carries enhanced risks and you need to be trained by a certified freediving instructor in order to do this safely. Never freedive alone.

A guest has special needs and/or access requirements, can they still attend the party?

Yes of course, we only ask that you let us know in advance so we can make any necessary and reasonable adjustments. This includes any disabilities which mean that they may need extra assistance entering or using the pool, if you have booked a pool party.