Swimming pool hire

The cost of hiring a swimming pool is not included in your mermaid swimming party entertainment package, so you will need to hire a swimming pool separately. Mermaid Isla’s swimming parties last up to 2 hours. They require the use of a swimming pool for an hour. If you also have booked dry land entertainment, then we require you to book use of a separate party room or event space (such as the swimming pool’s cafe if the children are eating afterwards) in which the dry land entertainment can take place.

At the present time, Mermaid Isla works with Darwin Court swimming pool in Elephant and Castle, London, to host our mermaid parties. We are also able to work with other swimming pools in London and the home counties but have specific requirements. Please see below for more information.

Darwin Court

Location: Darwin Court, 1 Crail Row, Walworth, London SE17 1AD

Pool measurements: 15m long, 5m wide, 1.3m deep (ideal for children and new swimmers)

Special features:

  • Heated pool
  • Rubber tiles on pool deck
  • Sloping step entrance to the pool
  • Hoist available for disabled guests
  • Lifeguard on duty at all times

Contact Zahed Abedipour, Swimming Service Manager for bookings

Call: 020 7021 4670

Email: zahed.abedipour@peabody.org.uk

Parties are held between 12:00-14:00 on a Saturday. You can also book a party tea at the Darwin Court cafe, which will take place after your mermaid swimming party has finished.


Hosting a mermaid swimming party at another venue

Mermaid Isla will travel anywhere within London or the home counties for a swimming party. However, because we follow RLSS regulations and mermaids have mobility issues on land, we ask that the hired swimming pool meets our requirements. We can send them a contract will explain what these requirements are, which they can sign to confirm that they will meet out needs.

We also stipulate that we will not search for a venue or make an enquiry at a swimming pool for you. This isn’t because we are unwilling to help, quite the opposite, we are always looking for new venues to work with! Unfortunately many swimming pools won’t allow a party provider to work with them, who they do not have a contract with. This means that we are unlikely to even get a call back from most swimming pools, so it could take us days (perhaps even weeks of searching), to find a pool near you that is willing to work with us. However if you have already found a pool that is willing to let us host a mermaid swimming party at their venue then we would be happy to cooperate with them.

FAQs about pools


Why do I have to book the swimming pool separately?

We work with a variety of swimming pools. Swimming pool hire costs vary venue to venue depending on their facilities, location and other factors. Because we want to be upfront about our pricing, we do not include pool hire because the cost will vary party to party.

I work for/manage a swimming pool. Can you host your mermaid swimming parties at our venue?

We are always looking for new swimming pools to host our mermaid parties, so we would love to work with you!

As an active children’s entertainment business, Mermaid Isla is able to provide you with a new channel of customers to hire your pool. You can also use having a real mermaid in your pool to generate buzz about your venue online and in your marketing materials. However because we are RLSS compliant and mermaids have mobility on issues on land, we do have some requirements from the venues we work with. Please get in contact with us, to enquire about letting Mermaid Isla host their parties in your pool.